Tuesday, 25 January 2011

2 Rivals 1 Challenge

So it's been over 7 months and I haven't made a blog post.

Well, I know I said I was back twice but this time it's

actually true because I need this blog to track my

progress. I have two rivals right now who have both made

goals to defeat my GamerScore. One is MagicalChaos who

I'll have to stay infront until July 31st 2013, a very

long time. The other is Demon Liar, who set his goal to

defeat me by January 24th 2012. Demon Liar has been

infront of me before, but as TrueAchievement history shows

I did beat him back.

I have some plans which I don't think I'll go into here in

case either one of them reads this blog. But I've got a feeling it will work since I feel it's somewhat unique and involves things which I'm 99% sure that neither of them use. Perhaps I'll one day reveal it since I'm confident it will work. So I guess if I do reveal it, it will be on August 1st 2013? That's quite a long while away, so hopefully I'll remember by then.

Other than that, this is just yet another one of those "I'm back" posts. The current plan is to post a blog every Tuesday and so we'll see how that goes.