Sunday, 29 March 2009

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 1000/1000

Blog number 3 and week 3 of going after DizzyChaos's gamerscore. This week has mainly been playing Cabela's Big Game Hunter which I got the full 1000 points from. The game was really quite easy to get the points from but to be honest although I did have some fun with it the game did have some bad problems. For example you would be walking around in this open space and all of a sudden you would run into an invisible wall. Now in something like Earth Defense Force this isn't too bad because of the way the game is but in Big Game Hunter it's horrible. Imagine if in World of Warcraft you were walking around randomly and then all of a sudden there is an invisible wall that stops you progressing using that path. The next thing is that I'll be looking for a certain animal to hunt and even though the objective tells me where the animal is the animal just won't appear. I spent half an hour at one point wandering through an area trying to find a specific animal when the game seems obviously glitched unless I reload. Thirdly there is the dodging problem when you are against rival animals which makes the fights unfair. When you're fighting a rival animal usually a prompt appears telling you to press X or B to dodge, unfortunately though sometimes it fails to prompt you and all of a sudden from out of no where you will be hit. I had to keep restarting from checkpoint until the dodging system worked properly. It was very annoying. This games only real redeeming factors for me are the graphics, I find them to be really nice looking and colourful which makes for a nice change when you're used to seeing gray and brown in a lot of games of this generation. So I'm going to give this a 3/10. I did have fun with it, but because of it's problems I can't let the score go any higher.

Gears of War 2 is another game I've been playing a bit of this week since the new ranking system has been released. I'm level 8 and can't wait for the new maps to become available next Tuesday.

Finally is the DizzyChaos update. This week he has 50,040 gamerscore and I have 43,939 gamerscore which means that this week he got 835 gamerscore and I got 1,244 gamerscore. So I got about 1/3 more than him which isn't bad. Hopefully I'll be able to continue to beat his weekly gamerscore and get in front of him.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Alone in the Dark is annoying, go get Bourne Conspiracy...

Well, this is the second blog. I suppose I'll start with the main thing I've been doing this week which is completing The Bourne Conspiracy. I finally got 1000 Gamerscore from it and it was really not that bad of a game. I like the way that it split up the third person shooter and brawlet parts of the game, it made it really enjoyable. The shooting was not as good as anything like Gears of War and the fighting wasn't as good as some other games but I thought it was well thought out, especially for a movie game. At least I think it's a movie game, I don't pay attention to movies so I wouldn't really know. For all the Gamerscore Whores out there that are reading this (all zero of you :P) I recommend you get it. I'd recommend that you rent it though if you have a service like LoveFilm or GameFly since the game is quite short. But if you do find it cheap, I'd say around £10-15 (about $20-$25), buy it. Overall I think that it deserves a 7/10, I would have given it an 8 but there are these pointless collectibles that you have to find to get all of the gamerscore. There are 75 passports to find in this game and no I'm not joking, 75 passports. I mean what could you possibly do with 75 passports? I didn't really see them add anything to the game since I didn't bother checking the extras but if I'm going to be collecting 75 passports then at least make it noticeable in game what I'm getting for it. Maybe a new gun? Unlimited ammo? I think something like that would be nice. Then again perhaps I'm just complaining too much, I did get a good amount of gamerscore for collecting all of the passports.

The next game I started was Alone in the Dark which I can tell you that I absolutely hate the achievements for. The reason I say this is because I think the guide I'm using doesn't go into enough detail about what to do to get the achievements. For instance in chapter 2 it told me that I would get most of the combination achievements and after being a while into the chapter I hadn't gotten a single one. The next thing was shooting the humanz fissure, apparently I need a flame bullet to do this. The achievement guide I was using mentioned this, yet even though the road map I was using said to do the achievement near the start of chapter 2 it failed to tell me where to find a flame bullet. The video guide the road map linked to also didn't pick up anything to make a flame bullet which really annoyed and confused me. So what I've decided to do with this game is to just leave it and send it back to LoveFilm, buy it cheap and take my time with it. Complicated but seemingly quick achievements is what this game seems to be, for now though I want something with fast and easy gamerscore.

I didn't mention last week that I was going for Seriously in Gears of War 1, so far since I started counting I have 4,757 kills. I'm sure the leaderboards won't give me my achievement at 10,000 so I've decided that if I only count the kills myself then I'll know when I should have 10,000.

An update about the Buku games that I'm trying to do with Chaossaturn. It appears I'm not able to download the Mexican version of the game yet. Not sure how people in the UK leaderboard did this.

Finally, DizzyChaos. I got almost double the gamerscore he got this week, he got 510 and I got 992. If this keeps up then I'll be able to eventually beat him. Cabela's Big Game Hunter should be here from LoveFilm tomorrow, I'm looking forward to getting the gamerscore out of that.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

It begins...again...

Well, after thinking about it for a long time I've finally decided I will begin once again my Gamerscore blog. This time here at Blogger and not MySpace where I previously hosted it. That blog turned into another blog after I stopped going after Gamerscore for a bit! I'll try not to let that happen this time, but if it does and I want to continue blogging then I will create a new blog for that. That's not to say that this blog will just be about me collecting Gamerscore though, I do want to include just about anything else as long as I keep it mainly based around things that are to do with Gamerscore. For example I might talk about Gamerscore a lot and then have another rant about the GAME shop near me because they are being incompetent again. I plan to update this around/at least once a week. This blog I'm writing now will count as this weeks blog, but I may post again if I feel like it.

I've also set up a Twitter account to keep track of my Gamerscore. I know 360voice already does that but I don't get to talk about the achievement I just got. Even if it is just a sentence, it makes me feel more satisfied with what I've done. See it at

Since this is the first blog I'd like to also thank Stallion83 who made me feel like writing blogs again, seeing his score go up made me feel like getting gamerscore fast like I used to. But this time, I'm going to go even faster than before because I have a new and better strategy. I have subscribed to which is an amazing rental service for both films and VideoGames.
I don't know what their non Xbox 360 selection of games are like but they have a brilliant library of Xbox 360 easy Gamerscore titles. Almost everything I check for was there with a few exceptions such as the Cabela games of which they only had Cabela's Big Game Hunter. I can't really fault them for this since I'm having a hard time myself even figuring out which Cabela games are released in the UK. However, I think I can import them from Australia since they also use PAL Xbox 360 consoles over there. I'm not sure though, I'm going to need to ask someone before I consider buying the games. However, I don't think it will be a problem since I just received The Bourne Conspiracy from LoveFilm which just so happens to be an Australian copy. That works fine, I haven't checked if it's region free yet.

Unlike before with my Gamerscore blog I don't think I'll be checking my rank and my friends/rivals rank. In stead I'll just perhaps keep to comparing how close I am to my rivals Gamerscore. So this is the part where I suppose I should choose my first Gamerscore rival; the person I am going to try and beat:

DizzyChaos. My Gamerscore is currently 41,703 and his is 48,695 so I think this is a good challenge to start with. This guy managed to beat me to 40,000 Gamerscore so it's seems fitting that I choose someone who has already beaten me once. I don't think I'll notify him that I'm after his Gamerscore until after I've completed the Buku games which I plan to do with Chaossaturn, DizzyChaos's cousin. That seems like a good way to do it and also a good place to end this blog. Thanks for reading, bye :)