Sunday, 15 March 2009

It begins...again...

Well, after thinking about it for a long time I've finally decided I will begin once again my Gamerscore blog. This time here at Blogger and not MySpace where I previously hosted it. That blog turned into another blog after I stopped going after Gamerscore for a bit! I'll try not to let that happen this time, but if it does and I want to continue blogging then I will create a new blog for that. That's not to say that this blog will just be about me collecting Gamerscore though, I do want to include just about anything else as long as I keep it mainly based around things that are to do with Gamerscore. For example I might talk about Gamerscore a lot and then have another rant about the GAME shop near me because they are being incompetent again. I plan to update this around/at least once a week. This blog I'm writing now will count as this weeks blog, but I may post again if I feel like it.

I've also set up a Twitter account to keep track of my Gamerscore. I know 360voice already does that but I don't get to talk about the achievement I just got. Even if it is just a sentence, it makes me feel more satisfied with what I've done. See it at

Since this is the first blog I'd like to also thank Stallion83 who made me feel like writing blogs again, seeing his score go up made me feel like getting gamerscore fast like I used to. But this time, I'm going to go even faster than before because I have a new and better strategy. I have subscribed to which is an amazing rental service for both films and VideoGames.
I don't know what their non Xbox 360 selection of games are like but they have a brilliant library of Xbox 360 easy Gamerscore titles. Almost everything I check for was there with a few exceptions such as the Cabela games of which they only had Cabela's Big Game Hunter. I can't really fault them for this since I'm having a hard time myself even figuring out which Cabela games are released in the UK. However, I think I can import them from Australia since they also use PAL Xbox 360 consoles over there. I'm not sure though, I'm going to need to ask someone before I consider buying the games. However, I don't think it will be a problem since I just received The Bourne Conspiracy from LoveFilm which just so happens to be an Australian copy. That works fine, I haven't checked if it's region free yet.

Unlike before with my Gamerscore blog I don't think I'll be checking my rank and my friends/rivals rank. In stead I'll just perhaps keep to comparing how close I am to my rivals Gamerscore. So this is the part where I suppose I should choose my first Gamerscore rival; the person I am going to try and beat:

DizzyChaos. My Gamerscore is currently 41,703 and his is 48,695 so I think this is a good challenge to start with. This guy managed to beat me to 40,000 Gamerscore so it's seems fitting that I choose someone who has already beaten me once. I don't think I'll notify him that I'm after his Gamerscore until after I've completed the Buku games which I plan to do with Chaossaturn, DizzyChaos's cousin. That seems like a good way to do it and also a good place to end this blog. Thanks for reading, bye :)

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