Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weekly Stats

I'm not going to write as much as last week since I don't have a game to grind while I write this. I think I'll just go over the games I've completed this week.
  • Virtua Fighter 5 FS
  • Ghostscape
  • Katamaridamacy
  • Mush
  • Portal 2
  • NBA Live 06
So that's 6 games and it has been a busy week with me going up over 3,000.

I'll also make it known that I have some rivals that I'm keeping track of which they don't know about yet. I'm also going to be sneaky and not tell them about this blog :P. I've also been tracking Dead Herb but I don't have a weekly total for him yet.

Weekly - 

1st KaibaChaos: 3,065G
2nd Bartonator89: 1,500G
3rd Da Mitch Man 90: 895G
4th Demon Liar: 440G

As with the weekly I'm yet to track Bartonator89 or Dead Herb for a month yet so they are not included in these stats.

Monthly - (Last 30 days)

1st KaibaChaos: 11,293G
2nd Da Mitch Man 90: 3,380G
3rd Demon Liar: 830G

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Return to Gamerscore...

Well, hasn't it been a long time since I've posted on this blog? Sometime before my final year of university started, I decided to stop gaming for Achievements. It was obviously important that I had my studies as my top priority and that all ended around the middle of May.

So with all that over I'm a little more free and got that craving to start scoring again. It happened when I was at my friend Da Mitch Man 90's house after looking at his score which was when I remembered what I was missing. The urge to unlock achievements again and get higher in the leaderboards was so very tempting and I felt great happiness at the idea so it was hard to ignore.

I can't really explain fully why I like achievements so much, it's probably a combination of the challenge, community, leaderboards, my love for games among other things. I also figure that if this makes me so happy then why shouldn't I do it? I realise that there are people out there that will say it's a waste of time, boring or that it does nothing for you and that they are pointless rewards. Well guess what? I don't really care what you think because I enjoy what I am doing and I'm not harming anyone by doing it. Haters will hate, people can find things hard to understand or just be ignorant that some people enjoy what others don't. Some people like collecting stamps, so if you want to hate then go moan at those people too.
Anyway, I guess I'll now get into why I decided to also return to this blog. There have been times where I have been earning achievements and just haven't written anything into this blog. I don't really have any particular reason for that, though right now I feel like writing a blog and so that's what I'm doing. Of course I'm not wasting any time, I'm writing this between the loading screens on Sonic & SEGA Allstars Racing.

I also wasn't about to just start writing blogs again just because I felt like it, I wanted to make sure that my want to gain achievements again was real. I guess I knew it was coming, since I've had the urge to do it for a while and the only thing stopping me was University. As of writing, I've earned over 10,000 Gamerscore within the last month. I should think that this is enough to justify my return to blogging...despite the few times I've returned to this blog and then stopped just a few weeks later.

Now onto Gamerscore goals. Let's start with Windows Phone 7 and a list of my incomplete games:

  • Katamaridamacy
  • Angry Birds
  • Final Fantasy
  • Ghostscape
  • Beards & Beaks
At the moment I'm mostly playing Final Fantasy when I get the chance to since it's the easiest to just pick up and play, then put down again. Yes, I realise that the logical choice in such a situation should be Angry Birds, but at the moment I'm going for 3 stars in that so it requires me to concentrate and usually use video guides. Katamari is also blocking me from playing Angry Birds because of the "Exquisite Collection" Achievement which requires every item in the game to be picked up and rolled over. I brought Katamari first and I want to get it finished with so that I can concentrate more on the 3 stars in Angry Birds levels.

Then there's Ghostscape which I find to be a shame because it seems to be an alright game. It just has glitchy achievements. I have a warning to people starting this game, *when* an achievement glitches to the point where you need to restart the game, uninstall it first. After that, wait at least a few hours before downloading it again. The game seems to have problems with you continuing without doing this and will probably glitch even more. However, it is a quick game if you have a guide, it just comes with plenty of problems. Don't buy it unless you want Gamerscore and even if you do, you should be wary of glitches.

Now we come to the final incomplete Windows Phone 7 game which is Beards & Beaks. The game in itself is not a bad game, but it does something which really annoys me. To use the powerups in the game you must spend Microsoft Points and  these powerups are REQUIRED for at least one achievement. The game itself is £2.29 which is about right if you were buying the full thing. It's easy points so far but once again I can't recommend this one. Imagine if every time in Angry Birds to use a Bomb Bird you needed to spend Microsoft Points. I paid for the game without the knowledge of this so consider yourself warned. All would be forgiven if the game was free, it might even seem a little logical to pay for powerups then...but this is the first time I've encountered this on a phone game. It's not a bad thing, but I paid for the game already so I kind of feel cheated out of my money.

Next is retail games which is a much longer list so I think I'll leave that for now. I have a lot to talk about there and I'm pretty sure that I've rambled enough now anyway.