Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weekly Stats

I'm not going to write as much as last week since I don't have a game to grind while I write this. I think I'll just go over the games I've completed this week.
  • Virtua Fighter 5 FS
  • Ghostscape
  • Katamaridamacy
  • Mush
  • Portal 2
  • NBA Live 06
So that's 6 games and it has been a busy week with me going up over 3,000.

I'll also make it known that I have some rivals that I'm keeping track of which they don't know about yet. I'm also going to be sneaky and not tell them about this blog :P. I've also been tracking Dead Herb but I don't have a weekly total for him yet.

Weekly - 

1st KaibaChaos: 3,065G
2nd Bartonator89: 1,500G
3rd Da Mitch Man 90: 895G
4th Demon Liar: 440G

As with the weekly I'm yet to track Bartonator89 or Dead Herb for a month yet so they are not included in these stats.

Monthly - (Last 30 days)

1st KaibaChaos: 11,293G
2nd Da Mitch Man 90: 3,380G
3rd Demon Liar: 830G

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