Sunday, 13 January 2013

The 101 things in 1,001 Days Challenge

So after I watched Grax's video about his 101 things in 1,001 days I decided that I would begin one myself. It's a self explanatory challenge that can be found on which involves completing 101 things in 1,001 days. The list I created so far can be found here, with one of the tasks being to simply have 101 things on the list and another to blog my progress.

Complete Pokémon Black 2

This is the first task from my list that is currently in progress, but with 649 Pokémon and 255 Medals (Achievements) to obtain this isn't going to be an easy task. I'm currently almost done with the Unova dex, but the problem isn't going to be with the Pokédex, it'll be with the Medals. There's one for playing a Funfest mission (A minigame) with 30 people in real life and another for getting 1,000 points in a single mission. 1,000 points requiring about 27-40 people.

So what am I doing about this medal? Well I don't have TrueAchievements to create my own boosting session because it's a DS game. Nope, I created an event at the London Expo for it which seems to be going quite well at the moment and I hope it continues to do so. It'll be a fun event, but you know you're addicted to Achievement style things when this is what you go through in order to get them. We're on 23 people going (Plus another 19 maybe going) according to the Facebook Event, so lets keep making that number higher and get as many people that medal whilst having a good time as possible :D.

Watch all of Inuyasha

So I have an Anime schedule and as long as I keep to it, then I'll do this. So far I've watch 13 episodes of this great Anime.

Keep up to date with Naruto (No more than 5 episodes behind)

The filler just ended so let's hope this Anime decides to get good again. Naruto has far too much filler.

Keep up to date with One Piece (No more than 5 episodes behind)

The Naruto Anime could do with some lessons from the One Piece Anime, this is how you do it and keep people interested. One Piece feels like it hardly ever has filler and when it does, it doesn't always suck.

Keep up to date with my Dragon Ball schedule (No more than 5 episodes behind)

I've been watching Dragon Ball Z at 2 episodes a week since mid 2010, mainly because the Dragon Box's weren't all out so I had to watch it at this rate. I haven't stopped since and I'm currently near the end of the Fusion Arc so it's almost over. But then I'm on to the Movies, Specials, GT and finally Kai. So let's keep this going :D.

Catch up with the All Gen Gamers Podcast and then stay within 5 episodes

I listen to this everyday on the way to work. So far I'm on episode 29 and it's one of my favourite podcasts. They talk about pretty much games from all generations, hence the name. It has the same feel as RetroForceGo! did at one time. That podcast was awesome :D.

Make a system for work that is better than the current one

I love my job, I'm a Software Engineer. I'm not sure what I can say about this one but I'm progressing nicely, so let's keep it up :D.

Finish this list (Have 101 tasks)

I'm on 74 so far, so I still need 27.

Catch up with Slowflake videos and don't get more than 5 behind

This guy is my favourite Let's Player and the only one I watch all of the videos for. But I've managed to get around 10 months behind in his videos and for a long time I've wanted to catch up. At the moment I'm in the middle of his Final Fantasy VI Character spotlight, I've got a long way to go.

And that's my progress for this week, now I can mark the one for blogging my way through this as "In Progress", see ya :D.

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