Sunday, 27 January 2013

980 Days To Go - 27/01/2013

Complete Pokémon Games

So this week I started Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, got about 10 hours in and the memory card corrupts so I didn't make any progress there. However, I did start Japanese Pokémon Ruby in order to get to the point where I would be able to transfer a Celebi from the Japanese Colosseum bonus disc. I managed to go from the start until the end of the Elite 4 so now all I have to do is complete the Japanese version of Pokémon Colosseum.

Complete New Super Mario Bros. U

I decided to continue with this game this week. I've already 100% complete the story (All coins etc) and have moved on to Challenge mode. I'm currently on the 4 star regular challenges after managing to complete the final 2 3 star challenges this week (With Gold Medals).

Watch all of Inuyasha

31 episodes in now and it's still good, that's 8 more than last week I believe. It's still pretty good, though I have a feeling it'll get much least I hope it does being 167 episodes long.

Take a photo of myself for 365 days and make one of those 365 day face videos

I started and failed this this week. I took a single photo and then didn't continue so I need to start this again.

Have £1 less to spend each week for 52 weeks and never overspend (Basically save this amount of money)

Similarly to the last, I failed to save the extra money this week so I need to also start this again.

Catch up with the All Gen Gamers Podcast and then stay within 5 episodes

I'm now on Episode 37 which is 6 more than last time. That's 4 more than last week so I've actually done quite well here.

Stay less then 5 episodes behind in the Gamerscore Popcast

I listened to those 3 episodes that I was behind, but not yet this weeks. That means I'm an episode behind which seems reasonable.

Make a sequel to my Mario Fan game containing at least 10 levels

I started on the first level of this, feels similar to when I had the prequel in development :D.

Catch up with Slowflake videos and don't get more than 5 behind

I've now finished the Sonic 3 and Knuckles LP and moved onto the Wind Waker one of which I'm 1 part into. That makes 10 videos this week I believe.

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