Sunday, 28 June 2009

3 games, 1 follower and 0 gamerscore for DizzyChaos

This week I completed 3 games which were Uno, Family Game Night's Connect 4 and Disney's Bolt.

Uno is basically just Uno, nothing more and nothing less. To get the achievements it involves pressing A a lot and occasionally some other buttons too. If you like Uno you will probably like this, I found the most annoying achievement to be win 10 games online with 4 people. It took me many attempts to get a group of people together that actually weren't going to quit. At one point i praised the people in a match I was in for not quitting, but at the end of the match they decided that since I was playing for an achievement (which in no way affected them) they would kick me. That was annoying and so I gave the host bad rep. When I did finally get some people together though it was really fun, I'll give it a 7.7/10.

Family Game Night's Connect 4 was next. This game is basically just Connect 4 with a few extra modes which allow you to do things such as blow up other counters. For 800 points it's a waste of money and unless you want the achievements like me then you probably shouldn't buy it. Instead you should get the Wii or PS2 version of Family Game Night. It comes with 5 other games and rather than being £6.67 each for a game bringing it to a total of £40 you can spend around £15. This is a complete rip off and so I'm giving it a 1/10, the lowest score I've given so far because it is simply too short (1 hour for 200 points), overpriced and ridiculous.

The final game I beat was Disney's Bolt which was surprisingly a really good game. It's nice to see a good 3D platformer with minigames which are reminiscent of Geometry Wars. The achievements were really good too with things like kill 100 enemies with each type of attack. The only one I had a problem with was a glitched achievement which wouldn't unlock until I made Bolt get hit by an SUV about 7 times. Other than that, there were no glitches and the game really is a fun 3D platformer which I would recommend even if you are not going for achievements. I'll give it an 8.3/10.

I also have a new follower this week which is Midwife4783 who's blog can be found at His blogs are quite short which I think is nice since most blogs that I read are long. That's not a bad thing, I just think it's nice to also have short blogs. This one is quite nice, I recommend you take a look at it.

DizzyChaos update:

His gamerscore now: 69,825 - An increase of 0 gamerscore
My gamerscore now: 58,875 - An increase of 1,170 gamerscore

Lol, 0 gamerscore? Wonder what happened to him this week. He could have easily gotten to 70K. He also changed his name to EAS x IDizzie but I will still refer to him as DizzyChaos since I think it sounds much better and is certainly easier to both pronounce and remember.

Rank update:

My world ranking: 13,615 - An increase of 468 ranks
My country ranking: 3,070 - An increase of 90 ranks

My ranks are still going up which is good but my country rank seems to be slowing down, might have to get more gamerscore next week.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

1 game complete this week.

Ok, so this week I completed one game which was The Spiderwick Chronicles. This game has really irritating and horrible achievements which pretty much almost all involve collecting things. There were so many times where I would have to go back to an old area only to find I need a different character to get that specific collectible. Ignoring the achievements though the game isn't that bad, I like that it is an open world style game and it's certainly not as bad as some of the other games I've played. If you're looking for easy achievements then play it, but it is an irritating easy achievement game. I'll give it 5/10.

DizzyChaos update:

His gamerscore now: 69,825 - An increase of 1,015 gamerscore
My gamerscore now: 57,705
- An increase of 1,222 gamerscore

I didn't beat him by much, but I did beat him :)

Rank update:

My world ranking: 14,083 - An increase of 557 ranks

My country ranking: 3,160 - An increase of 138 ranks

Ranks are still going up =D

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sonic 3, Gunstar Heroes complete.

Ok, so this blog is probably going to be a short blog today. I completed two games which were Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Gunstar Heroes. Since I've already given Sonic 3 a score when I did Mega Drive collection I'll talk about Gunstar Heroes. Gunstar Heroes is a great game which reminds me of Alien Hominid and Metal Slug. You basically go around shooting enemies with varied guns like you do in Alien Hominid and Metal Slug which isn't a bad thing. It's a tough game unless you save often but only takes 1-2 hours to get all of the gamerscore from. I'll give it a 8.5/10, buy it.

DizzyChaos will continue to be my rival, the things that happened appeared to be false.

His gamerscore now: 68,810
My gamerscore now: 56,483

My world ranking: 14,640

My country ranking: 3,298

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Taking this blog down until further notice.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Welcome back to England...again

It appears as if my 360 is back in England, actually in England this time. Hopefully, it will be delivered today. Apparently it can be delivered anytime between 9AM-7PM.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Delayed...thanks Microsoft

Thanks to Microsoft posting inaccurate information for tracking my Xbox 360 it appears to have been delayed by 7 hours. I hope that means it will still get here today...

Thanks for reading, bye :(

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Welcome back to England!

Ok, so hopefully my 360 will be back tomorrow. It is now back in England =)

Welcome back to England my Xbox 360, I hope to get some more gamerscore with you soon.

Thanks for reading, bye :)


I don't know what an "ORIGIN SCAN" is but I thin it means that my 360 is making it's way back to me. It's still in Frankfurt though...

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Billing information received

Apparently my billing information has been received in an unknown location. Well, at least it seems that my 360 is being shipped back to me...

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

"Console Shipped" is in progress!

Well, it looks like this morning I have an update about how my console is doing. It seems that it is in the process of being shipped. At last, it looks like my gaming will be going back to normal once again :)

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

3 followers in 1 week? Also, my 360 isn't repaired yet.

Guh, so my 360 needed to be sent off to Microsoft and so of course I haven't been able to play it. GAME, once again has decided to piss me off. I don't want to rant again about them, I've done that enough in the past when I was blogging elsewhere. That was back when I didn't proof read my blogs. Wow, they were so badly written back then. Not that I consider them well written now, I can read much more well written blogs if I want to.

Anyway, I don't plan to do a normal blog this week. Having no 360 means I've gained almost no gamerscore this week and so I'm not doing the DizzyChaos or rank update. It would be pointless, my ranks would only decrease which in this case would not be my fault.

Instead, I'll just show you the image of what my 360 has gone through in the past week:

If you just looked at that image you would think that it is making progress and should be making its way back to me soon. I admit, yes it is taking less time than expected which is good. However, the console was received Thursday and then also repaired the same day. I believe Friday was the day it got to the above screenshot and said the repair was complete. So then why was it not shipped out to me the same day, Saturday or Sunday (today) at the latest? I hope it ships tomorrow, I have Disney's Bolt and The Spiderwick Chronicles to get the points from. Both have been just sitting there all week while I wait for the chance to play them.

I suppose this week hasn't been all bad though since I strangely now have 4 followers? That means I gained three in the past week. Does this mean that people are actually starting to read this now? It's nice to see that people have at least looked at my blog and liked what they saw, thank you all for following me.

Sabre x360a was the first of the followers. Looking at his blog it seems to be another gamerscore blog. I found it to be a good read and recommend it. You can find the blog here.

ThrawnOmega was my next follower and I was really impressed when I looked at his latest post. It documents all of the achievement bloggers that he has found with stats such as who has the most posts and followers. I really recommend this one which you can find here.

NJC Omega was my third follower who also has an interesting blog that is worth a read. Once again this blog is about gamerscore. You can find it here.

Well, I suppose I don't have much else to say. I just hope my 360 comes back soon...

Thanks for reading, bye :)