Monday, 14 June 2010

My Gamerscore Plan and Gears 2 6x XP

So I've been making this Gamerscore system in a spreadsheet which will allow me to increase my completion percentage and also let me play new games. It took a while to make and it's main purpose though was to provide an accurate representation of what I consider completion percentage. This means that I removed all glitched achievements and achievements worth 0 points so that they didn't affect the percentage. I never understood why the big sites such as TrueAchievements didn't do this, at least with glitched achievements it makes it inaccurate.

As for playing new games, that's much more complicated:

So X is the achievements I have gained since I started the system. So if I have gained 100 achievements since starting this system then X will be 100.

Next the achievements gained are divided by a number which is determined depending on the completion percentage I have.

For 10% or less:
X / 4
100 / 4 = 25

For 20% or less:
X / 3.5
100 / 3.5 = 28.57

For 25% or less:
X / 3.25
100 / 3.25 = 30.76

For 30% or less:
X / 3
100 / 3 = 33.33

For 40% or less:
X / 2.75
100 / 2.75 = 36.36

For 50% or less:
X / 2.5
100 / 2.5 = 40

For 60% or less:
X / 2.25
100 / 2.25 = 44.44

For 70% or less:
X / 2
100 / 2 = 50

For 75% or less:
X / 1.75
100 / 1.75 = 57.14

For 80% or less:
X / 1.5
100 / 1.5 = 66.66

For 90% or less:
X / 1.25
100 / 1.25 = 80

For 95% or less:
X / 1
100 / 1 = 100

For 100% or less:
X / 0.5
100 / 0.5 = 200

The number gained after the division means that I can start a game with that many achievements. So if I have 60% or less and have gained 100 achievements during the system then I can start a game with 44 achievements or less. Once the new game has been entered into the spreadsheet the achievements of that game are subtracted. So If I start an Arcade game with 12 achievements then I have enough achievements left over to start a game with 32 or less achievements. Or 32.44 to be accurate.

I've probably completely confused you if you read the whole thing, but this system works and is letting me get a higher completion whilst starting new games.

Here's the file if anyone's interested:

Also, I'll be playing Gears 2 a lot this week as it's 6x XP. If you're interested in joining me or have your own session add, message or invite me.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

Monday, 17 May 2010

I'm back...again!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I've decided that I will subscribe to LoveFilm again as University ends for the year tomorrow. That is, other than the Summer project which I plan to take part in. This time I'll try to be more active and currently have the goal of 75,000 points by July 29th and so hopefully I can make it.

That's my current LoveFilm list above that they'll send me, though I have another 95 titles in my other lists. That gives me 115 if you don't include the reserves at the bottom. Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can get those 3 cheap? At least Space Chimps and My Horse and Me 2 have been there since I added them the last time I was subscribed to LoveFilm.

Rank update:

World: 15,592
Country(UK): 3,493

Hmm, I don't think that's too bad actually since I haven't been going for Gamerscore for a while. Let's see if I can get that rank back to where it was and better.

Thanks for reading, bye :)