Sunday, 20 January 2013

101 Things Progress 2/101

Complete Pokémon Games

So this week I managed to finish the Unova Dex, all 301 Pokémon on Black 2 and kept on with the time sensitive Medals. I think this is where I stop Black 2 for a while in favour of the Generation III games. I caught a few more Pokémon in Emerald so I'm making progress here.

Complete Dunamis 15 - 3/10

I completed Dunamis 15 this week, it's a really quick Japanese text adventure game. I had left it on 900 Gamerscore so I finally finished it. About 3-4 hours for 1,000 points.

Watch all of Inuyasha

I've now watched 23 episodes of Inuyasha which is 10 episodes further than last week. It's really starting to get good now. I can't wait to get back to watching it :D.

Save £1 More a Week for a Year

So the idea of this is to save money. I save £1, then £2, then £3 etc each week up to £52. If successful, this will save £1,378 in total which will be good for a nice holiday break somewhere or maybe for something else.

Catch up with the All Gen Gamers Podcast and then stay within 5 episodes

I'm currently on Episode 31 of this great Podcast. That's 2 more than last time.

Stay less then 5 episodes behind in the Gamerscore Popcast

I was behind 3 episodes in this Podcast that I listen to, I listened to the 3 episodes I was behind. I just have to make sure that I don't get behind by 5 episodes.

Finish this list

Last week there were 74 things on the list, there are now 82 so this is also making progress.

Catch up with Slowflake videos and don't get more than 5 behind

I finished the Final Fantasy VI Spotlight and I made my way 6 parts into the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Let's Play. That's somewhere between 6-11 videos depending.

Complete Otomedius G - 6.5/10

Another game I've been meaning to finish which took a lot of my time this week. A great Shmup that anyone with a Japanese Xbox 360 should play. Around 15 hours for the 1,000 points.

Completed Games

Not completely related, but I also finished the following games:
Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout NES - 4/10
Clu Clu Land NES - 6/10
Excitebike NES - 5/10

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