Sunday, 5 July 2009

1 game complete, DizzyChaos 0 again and Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

One game was completed this week which was Night of the Museum. Night of the Museum is a really bad game but also really easy, taking about 3 hours to complete and maybe even less. It has no real action and basically involves walking around and around and around until everything is done in a level. It's like Hannah Montana in that way, except not as bad as that. I'll give it a 3.3/10.

DizzyChaos update:

His gamerscore now: 69,825 - An increase of 0 gamerscore
My gamerscore now: 60,360 - An increase of 1,485 gamerscore

Again with 0 gamerscore? I just have to say lol to this.

Rank update:

My world ranking: 12,947 - An increase of 668 ranks
My country ranking: 2,898 - An increase of 172 ranks

Good, my ranks are increasing well this week =D

I'll go a bit off topic now and not talk about gamerscore. In September which is a little while away yet Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are released in Japan. I'm importing them and so during this time I'll be playing them a lot and so you can expect less gamerscore to be gotten, maybe I'll do some blogs about the new games.

Thanks for reading, bye :)


  1. Heart Gold and Soul Silver the new titles coming out? I remember I got Silver when my bro got Gold and I got Ruby while he got Sapphire. Same thing I take it right?

  2. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are remakes of Gold and Silver. I can't wait until they are released, Pokémon is my favourite game series of all time. Pokémon Gold and Silver are my favourite games of all time =D