Sunday, 12 July 2009

Another game complete, Mario Marathon and 0 for Dizzy again

Another game complete this week. It was Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Since it's exactly the same as Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection I see no need to talk about it, you should go buy it if you have an American 360.

The next think I want to do is congratulate the people doing the Super Mario Marathon who have currently raised over $16,000 for charity. It's still going so you can see the live embed below or go to

DizzyChaos update:

His gamerscore now: 69,825 - An increase of 0 gamerscore
My gamerscore now: 62,070 - An increase of 1,710 gamerscore

He got 0 again =D

Rank update:

My world ranking: 12,271 - An increase of 676 ranks
My country ranking: 2,741 - An increase of 157 ranks

Quite a good increase this week, this is good.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

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