Sunday, 2 August 2009

2 New Followers

Well, once again there were no games completed this week. I will definitely have Meet the Robinsons done by next week though, I can't keep being lazy.

I have two new followers this week which are ChaosSaturn and DizzyChaos:

I know ChaosSaturn in real life and DizzyChaos is of course my rival. I think their blogs are both worth reading.

DizzyChaos update:

His gamerscore now: 72,260 - An increase of 345 gamerscore
My gamerscore now: 62,995 - An increase of 360 gamerscore

I only just about beat him this week, hopefully that will change soon.

Rank update:

My world ranking: 12,580 - A decrease of 316 ranks
My country ranking: 2,828 - A decrease of 80 ranks

The ranks are decreasing again. Next week I hope to fix this problem by actually finishing Meet the Robinsons.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

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