Sunday, 26 April 2009

Geometry Wars 200/200, 1Million Poinst without dying =D

Blog number 7. YES, FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!! Today is the day I have been practicing for. For 2 years since I started Geometry Wars Retro Evolved for the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade I have practiced. 2 years! That's how long it took me to finally, FINALLY get all 12 achievements in the game. I have now survived 1Million points without dying. I'm so glad that I kept playing this game trying again and again to get the next achievement that I have been working towards. I'd say that this game is the game that I have spent the most time with overall out of all my games for the Xbox 360. I played Lost Odyssey for over 180 hours and so that's a lot. That's a lot for a shmup which has such a simple concept; you are a ship and you shoot your geometrical shaped enemies. Each enemy acting different, the easiest being the purple pinwheels that just slowly make their way about the grid and the most annoying being the snakes for taking up so much space. In fact, sometimes they spawn over you and unfairly take your life. My favourite enemy is the blue diamonds who simple chase you around the screen until they kill you, unless you shoot them.

When I first started Geometry Wars it was recommended to me by a friend who goes by the name of Siriku. I had no idea what the game was and the name didn't make it sound that exciting. However, I wanted some XBLA games since these would be my first downloads after just getting my Xbox 360. So I went to Siriku's and watched him play it without trying it myself, thinking it looked pretty cool. When I got home I downloaded it and started to play it right away. Up until that point I had never played a duel stick shmup before and I hadn't heard of the concept either so I was a noob. How did I shoot? I tried every button sitting there for about 10 minutes just not knowing. Lol, I laugh at that now but it did seem weird back then. Obviously I found out it was the right analog stick and started playing properly. Although since I wasn't used to this type of shmup I died at 25K which for the first day was my highscore. It felt like such an achievement just to eventually get 100K (with dying). But before I even did that I survived 60 seconds without shooting which was a hard challenge. These days I can do it whenever I want, but when I started that was hard. Eventually I survived 100K which became my general highscore for a while.

By the time I had scored 500K Siriku had already beaten me to surviving 1Million in Geometry Wars. Not that I was racing or anything but it certainly motivated me to keep playing and playing until I got there. Then I finally got 9 lives, I scored 1Million, I survived 500K all in the same day and I believe my score was 1.2Million overall at that point. To do all that in 1 day was a really nice feeling with my new TV which would sometimes deform colours and not work properly. Next it was 10x multiplier which I received 04/05/2008. So that's almost a whole year ago. So really, I was trying this achievement for almost 1 year and nothing else when I played Geometry Wars 1. It was a challenge and I'm so, so glad I beat that game in it's entirety. It was so, so great. In the survive 1 Million points game my heart was beating so fast, it was unbelievable. I was shaking, I couldn't believe how well I was doing, so nervous I was going to lose a life.

I can't stop writing about this without thanking some people, specifically Siriku for making me want to keep playing the game more and more even though I am yet to beat his score. The other people I want to thank of those of you that have congratulated me for my achievement. Thank you.

I give Geometry Wars 1 a 10/10. Go download it, you won't be disappointed if you like retro games. The closest I can compare it to is Asteroids. I am the 6,270th person to ever to get 200/200 :)

So now to change the subject to DizzyChaos of which I am 100% sure I didn't beat him this week. Unfortunately this is the time where college work is coming to an end so until May 15th at the latest I think it is, I'm going to be pretty busy. After that I will still be busy since I will have exams but no coursework left to do. It won't be until June 4th that I am completely free again though so this slump may last a bit. Then again coursework is what takes the time, when I'm revising I'm usually able to play games at the same time a lot easier. For instance, I might do a match of Gears of War and read some stuff in between rounds. Or I might do something like what could likely be Ikaruga since I've finished Geometry wars, go for a game in that and then do some revision. I might even do something that doesn't require gameplay at all, such as in Perfect Dark Zero I could start a match and just leave it idle. There's an achievement for doing 1,000 Deathmatch and Dark Ops games offline so it somewhat makes sense to do. But anyway, this blog is probably one of the longer ones I've written since I'm just in shock with finally beating Geometry Wars, so I shall continue the update:

DizzyChaos: 55,640 - Increase of 3,590 this week
KaibaChaos: 49,558 - Increase of 360 this week

Wow that's a lot from DizzyChaos this week. Once everything's past I'm going to really need to work to beat him. I think the reason partly for such a large increase at once is the fact that he knows about the blog now and knows that I am trying to beat him. Nevertheless he can't win because I don't lose until I quit which I don't plan to do.

Rank update:

Country Rank: 4,274/392,765 - A decrease of 10 ranks.
World Rank: 18,720/2,917,865 - An increase of 21 ranks.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

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