Sunday, 12 April 2009

X-Men: The Official Game and 1,885GS this week!

It's blog number 5 which is half way to 10 and this has probably been my most successful week so far since I started blogging again. I can't wait to calculate the amount of gamerscore I've gotten this week.

So I finished X-Men: The Official Game this week which I want to say is a bad game and it is but it can also be not that bad. It's good points are that it feels like a great accomplishment when you beat the game since the achievements are almost all at the end of the game and so I got 950GS from it in one day! Now the bad things about it...

1. It's very repetitive since you are always doing the same thing depending which character you are playing as.
2. The upgrading system makes the difficulty system irrelevant. If Super Hero difficulty is supposed to be harder for the experienced gamer then why can I keep upgrading my character to make it easy.
3. The controls suck...well ok, most of the time they aren't that bad. When they are however, they really do suck. When I'm playing as Nightcrawler for instance and am trying to teleport the game will sometimes teleport you to some random other place you don't want to go to!
4. Some of it is just luck. When you are fighting with Wolverine and sometimes Nightcrawler there is no strategy at all. It's just attack, attack, attack and hope you win.

Overall I guess I did have some fun with this game so it isn't all that bad. I'll give it a 3/10 which makes me want to raise the score of Cabela's Big Game Hunter a bit since that is the better game. Ah well, these things happen with a 10 point scale.

Now for the DizzyChaos update:

DizzyChaos: 51,850 - Increase of 1,500 this week
KaibaChaos: 46,103 - Increase of 1,885 this week

Hmm...I did really well this week. But unfortunately so did DizzyChaos. I beat him still though which I think I'm lucky for.

And now a new segment - or the return of a segment. The leaderboard segment which I have decided I will indeed bring back. No comparing this week though since I don't know what rank I was last week. Instead I will post my country and world rank so far:

Country Rank: 5,055/385,662 - This means I'm in the top 1.31% of the UK.
World Rank: 22,306/2,873,623 - This means I'm in the top 0.77% in the world.

Hopefully I'll have 1,000 in Kung Fu Panda by next blog, Lego Indiana Jones and Fight Night Round 3 are also making their way to me from LoveFilm at the moment! I don't know why but they decided to give me an extra rental, oh well I'm not complaining lol.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

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