Sunday, 3 May 2009

50,000 Gamerscore!!!

It's blog number 9 which is 1 away from double figures!

This week, although it has been a relatively slow one it has been a good one. I finally reached my goal of 50,000 gamerscore, the achievement that put me over was Ultimate History Lesson in TNA iMPACT!. It has been a long journey from 0 to 50,000 gamerscore but I am now half way to 100,000 which I'm really pleased with. My new gamerscore goal is 75,000 which I'll get with the help of LoveFilm is a great website for people who want gamerscore, I highly recommend it. I went from 40,000 to 50,000 with quite a bit of speed thanks to it and hope to reach 75,000 in quite a good time too :). It feels great to be at 50K, I can only imagine what an even higher gamerscore will feel like.

So, college has been slowing the week for gamerscore again. But I still managed to finish one game which was Spyglass Board Games...well I say finish but I actually have 195/200. One of the achievements is glitched and so rather than say what's good and bad about this game I'm going to give it a 0/10. Don't buy it. I plan to email the developer an angry email about it, really quite annoyed about this. I'm mainly annoyed because it's glitched for only certain people and not everyone. This makes it unfair, not only that but it's false advertising. I wish I could say I paid money for this game but I actually got it for free, still some people who paid for this game were lied to by the developer because it's incompleteable for some people. Absolutely pathetic...

So now for the DizzyChaos update:

DizzyChaos: 55,640 - Increase of 3,305 this week
KaibaChaos: 49,558 - Increase of 455 this week

DizzyChaos has increased a lot, not sure if I would have beat him even without the coursework, but I do plan to still beat him.

Rank update:

Country Rank: 4,248/395,750 - A increase of 26 ranks
World Rank: 18,608/2,938,064 - An increase of 112 ranks

I've also decided the five games I'm going to do and try to keep to, I'll play other games but these will be my main ones.

The quick GS game: Lego Indiana Jones - I hope to finish this soon. I want to say by next week but I don't know because of coursework...

The not so quick GS game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - I got this game when I got my 360, I want to finish it fully.

The quick arcade game: Hardwood Backgammon - Don't really like this game, but I want the 200 gamerscore from it.

The not so quick arcade game: Hexic HD - This was going to be Ikaruga, but I also got this game when I got my 360 so I want to finish it. I'm always trying the last two achievements and failing so I've limited myself to 1 flower star per day until I get enough black pearls. This game requires patience and consentration which is something I don't have after a while with this game and so I start to make stupid moves. By keeping it to 1 flower star per day I hope to fix this.

The other game: Gears of War - Another game I got when I got my 360 and I only need Seriously. I will get this!

Thanks for reading, bye :)

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