Sunday, 31 May 2009

Four games completed this week, Red Ring of Death!

Ok, so after a very good week for gamerscore I end up becoming annoyed at the end of it. Why? Well as of about an hour ago I got the red ring of death! I guess at least it came today, the final day of half term and not at the beginning of half term. If it had have happened then I would have been really annoyed. I think I made someone feel guilty about my red ring too, the time I got it was after accepting an invite for Forza 2. Well, at least it's still under warranty which means that I should be able to take it into the shop tomorrow and get a new one. I hope I don't have to send it off, otherwise I may have to go and buy some PC games for gamerscore. I have Viva Pinata PC which I need to finish, Gears of War PC has gone missing. I've been wanting to do Fallout 3 for a while so perhaps I'll get that if I do have to send it off.

The next thing I want to say is something I never thought I'd say. Someone is actually following this blog! Here I thought that no one read it other than DizzyChaos, it seems that at least one other person is reading it. Thank you
JJBDude for following me, I am following you're Gaming Habits blog which is quite a good read. I recommend it to anyone who is reading this blog.

So the games I've completed this week are Aegis Wing, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Hannah the Movie and Terminator: Salvation.

First I'll start with Aegis Wing. I got this game a long time ago and it is a great Shmup, perhaps mainly because it is free. It's a sidescrolling shmup like Gradius or R-Type, just not as good and feels quite generic. Probably the best thing about it is the fact that you can join 4 ships together and then use the right analog stick to shoot enemies whilst the person you are connected to drives you around. I recommend you try it, especially since it's free. I'll give it a 6.4/10.

Next it Need for Speed: Most Wanted which is a very good game. It's also the first Need for Speed game I've played and makes me want to play the other games in the series. I originally got the game for gamerscore alone from LoveFilm but it really is a good game. Basically it is a racing game where you are in a city and have to defeat opponents to move up ranks to the top of this blacklist. The difference between this game and other racing games is the fact that in the middle of any race the cops will start chasing you and other vehicles. After you finish the race you will have to drive around the city to get away from the cops. I guess it's kind of like Grand Theft Auto, just only with cars. I give it a 8.5/10.

The third game I finished was Hannah Montana, I'm not talking about this one. Rent it for easy gamerscore. It is a bad game where you move as slow as Cloud in Final Fantasy VII if you didn't hold the X button, I had the sound down the entire time so I didn't have to listen to the songs. I'll give this a 3/10.

The final game I completed was Terminator: Salvation which is basically a bad Gears of War rip off. Like in Gears you go from cover to cover shooting enemies, you even slow down and cannot shoot when people are talking. It's repetitive, has the same enemies throughout the entire game and doesn't even have a final boss. I'll give it a 5/10.

DizzyChaos update:

DizzyChaos: 66,470 - Increase of 1,495 this week
KaibaChaos: 55,738 - Increase of 3,885 this week

I more than doubled DizzyChaos this week, I hope I can continue to beat him.

Rank update:

Country Rank: 3,294/407,297 - An increase of 754 ranks
World Rank: 14,648/3,020,741 - An increase of 3,185 ranks

I think I did quite well this week to go up that much, hopefully I'll be able to continue to get higher =D

I noticed I didn't change the ranks or gamerscore in last weeks blog. Sorry, I'll try and not make this mistake a third time.

Thanks for reading, bye :)


  1. It's a shame people don't know about your blog because it is a good read (like I think mine would be to people). I saw a link in your sig on x360a and thought I'd check it out and liked what I saw. I went and read all your posts (11 or so I think?) so I've already learnt a bit about you which is good. :)

    So yeah I like your posts because they are informing me about other games I may play in the future. I've completed NFS Most Wanted but want to play Terminator one day as I'm hearing it's a quick easy 1000.

    Hope you get a replacement console tomorrow. :)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, yeah Terminator is an easy 1000. It's difinetely easier in coop though which is offline only.