Tuesday, 22 February 2011

5 Games Complete

So there are five games completed this week. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, Need For Speed Undercover (WP7), Truth or Lies, X-Men Arcade and Bomberman Live Battlefest.

You know, it kind of seems fitting that I complete American Wasteland near the time when the Tony Hawk's franchise is announced as finished. It's a shame too, that skateboard peripheral should never have been made and I believe is what ruined it. American Wasteland however, despite being a launch title for the console is a very good game in my opinion. I'll never understand why Activision shut them down. Indeed it was due to the games not selling well, but didn't this start because of the skateboard peripheral anyway? Well, Skate was outselling it 2-1 but that's a different game and had Tony Hawk's kept going and innovating with those crazy combos then it could have continued to be awesome. I would say that Skate tries to be more realistic, whereas Tony Hawk's tries to be crazy and unrealistic. It's like the difference between Forza and Mario Kart, they are both racing games but they are also completely different. They're also both good at what they do and don't need to change radically to make themselves "better". Anyway, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is an easy 900 thanks to the in game codes which don't block Achievements. The last 100 takes a really long time though, you must find every Gap in the game. I estimate that there's over 500 of them and even when using a video walkthrough this one is going to take a long time. That's the only part of the game that brings the score down for me. It's somewhat boring and tedious in comparison to the rest of the game which is really fun and enjoyable. RIP Tony Hawk's franchise, I hope someone revives you and makes you good again in the future. I give this game a 7/10.

Need for Speed: Undercover is next for the Windows Phone 7. Generally this game is a good game, a short and somewhat easy 200 GamerScore. It's fun, but can be annoying at times. My friend Da Mitch Man 90 helped me a little bit with this, telling me that the car I was using wasn't very good. So after "upgrading" to a car with lower stats, the end of the game was easy. I'm not a driving game expert, but I thought that upgrading your car would be getting one with better stats. Well, apparently not in Undercover WP7. Oh well, it's a fun somewhat arcade like experience and I enjoyed it a lot more than Fast and Furious because it didn't have those stupid problems with the screen turning off all the time. I'll give this game a 7/10.

Then Truth or Lies was completed which I have to say is one of the oddest 1000's you can possibly do. You need a microphone for the game and the concept of the game just doesn't work whatsoever. The idea is that you are supposed to be able to tell if someone is telling the truth or lying but you could tell it 1+1 is 100 and it may well think you're telling the truth. It's broken and doesn't work, but does only take around 2 hours to 1000. I'll give it a 1/10.

After that was X-Men Arcade which was an easy 200, but a really fun one. I never played the original version of this when it came out but a six player beat 'em up? Wow, I thought that just that fact along was pretty cool. It only takes 1-2 hours to get it all done if you have a multiplayer partner for the 6 player Achievements. You can use 3 controllers each for this, you also get infinite continues and so it's really easy. Perhaps the one disappointing thing was that the complete the game with all six characters achievement is partly glitched. I started the game with whoever was the default character, but I didn't know that you needed to play as Cyclops in order to fix the glitch. Basically, you only have to complete the final level an additional five times to gain the achievement. But when you complete the final level with Cyclops it doesn't save the game. So specifically for Cyclops you will need to go through the whole game again if you didn't do it the first time. I'll give this game a 5.75/10.

Finally, I completed Bomberman Live: Battlefest and to be honest, this game is good but not as good as the original Bomberman Live. It's fun but I think the fact that it has three download packs at 240 points each for a low amount of Gamerscore is just annoying. If you're playing the game to play it then it's probably more fun, almost all of the achievements are boostable with two controllers. I recommend this game for how fun it is and give it an 8/10 based on that. But considering this is a Gamerscore blog, I must bring it down to a 6.5 for how not as fun the achievements are.

Thanks for reading, bye :)

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