Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Guitar Hero 5 Mobile, Fruit Ninja and Madagascar Kartz

Three games completed this week, Guitar Hero 5 Mobile, Fruit Ninja and Madagascar Kartz.

I'd never played a mobile version of Guitar Hero before, but it seemed like the next logical option for GamerScore on the WP7 and so I downloaded it. Unfortunately, this has to be the worst Guitar Hero I've played but also the easiest at the same time. I think it's the fact that the game wants you to perfect a song on expert that annoyed me the most about it. Considering on the mobile version expert is probably the equivalent to medium this should have been no problem for me. The problem with this achievement was that at times I found the game to be unresponsive. I'd press the buttons but it just sometimes wouldn't register what I'd done. At one point, there was a whole 5 seconds where I could do nothing because the game wouldn't register what I was doing. I can probably almost guarantee that if these "buttons" were actually responsive 100% of the time then I would have had little problem completing this achievement. It's unfortunate as it could have been a better game but it really doesn't deserve the £5.49 price when you can get the next game I'm going to write about for £2.49. I'll give this game a 3/10.

The next game that I completed was Fruit Ninja and unlike Guitar Hero it is very responsive. This is the best WP7 game that I have downloaded so far. It's just so fun to keep slashing fruit over and over using your fingers to swipe the screen. The achievements were great and I had no problem gaining any of them really, it was just an overall fun experience which I'd love to do again. I highly recommend this one, I don't have anything to complain about and the price of £2.49 is really great. I'll give it a 8/10.

Finally, we go back to the not so good games with Madagascar Kartz. Now, I would start comparing this game to Mario Kart, but honestly, although there are similarities there this game does not deserve to compared with such a game. To give you an idea, Madagascar Kartz is like if you took Mario Kart, removed most of the characters, removed most of the tracks, made most of the items blue and red shells, made the mushrooms crash you into a wall or off the edge of a tracks and made the karts slower. The level design is poor, you'll find the AI know all of the shortcuts and that one moment you'll be in first place and the next in last. I can't say that the achievements gave me lot of hassle but this isn't really much of a fun game. Still though, at least it responds better than Guitar Hero 5 Mobile and therefore deserves a better score. I'll give this a 3.5/10.

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