Friday, 25 February 2011


Why is it that I keep making these "goodbye" blogs? This is the third one of them and as much as I'd like to continue on with other topics, these keep happening. So as you may have heard is no more. It served the Xbox community for 5 and a bit years and had by far the biggest worldwide Achievement leaderboard. I used to use the stats from that website in my battle against DizzyChaos way back in those days. It's a real shame to see them go, but I'd rather not be sad about this one and hope that there is something coming along for all Achievement Whores out there. Not to say that the demise of the site means that something better can now come, but Morgan was one person managing a massive website. Maybe one day there will be an official GamerScore leaderboard? Maybe TrueAchievements might implement genre leaderboards which I loved to look at on MGC.

I must thank MGC for the greatness over the years. After I started GamerScore in 2007, you were the site that I visited most. From watching myself and my friends go up the leaderboards to watching the game savers be deleted. The impact this website had is incredible and with it gone it has messed up a spreadsheet I had 7 months in the making. I guess I'll have to start again with TA stats.

Of course, there was that website project I haven't talked about at all yet. Whilst my GamerScore project efficiency thread died on X360A, I still have the spreadsheet and still update it. So perhaps it's time I learnt how to make my own leaderboards and website properly. I have a lot of ideas, but getting them done and getting into the community developer program is another thing. That doesn't mean I'm not going to give it my best try, but these things are going to take time. That and I don't really know much about advertising a website aside from adding links into my forum signature.

Thanks for reading, bye.

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